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Is your kitty transforming your entire house into his litter box? Do you find yourself sniffing an odor trail that ends with a puddle on the floor, or a stream cascading down your living room draperies? Cats that “mark” are having problems that differ from cats that just aren’t using the litter box. The solution to correcting the marking behavior starts by discovering why.

Case A
  1. If your cat seems to mark near doorways or windows…
  2. If neighborhood cats hang out on your property or close to it…
  3. If your cat spends a lot of time looking out windows…

Your cat may be marking because of "outdoor stimuli." Here are some tips:
  1. First, have your cat examined by your veterinarian. It is wise to first rule out any kind of medical issues.
  2. Keep the curtains closed that look out into the neighborhood where outdoor cats have been seen (out of sight, out of mind).
  3. Clean the area thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner. These cleaners are found in most pet supply stores. Follow the directions carefully.
  4. After cleaning the area, make that area difficult for the cat to get to by placing double-sided tape on the area (this is a temporary measure).


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