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For teenaged pups who want to keep practicing their dog-dog social skills in a safe and supervised setting, we offer Adolescent Puppy Playgroup!

Trainers narrate play and combine pups who are compatible playmates, monitoring carefully to make sure puppies are learning and having good experiences.

Periods of play will alternate with plenty of breaks, where we'll work on building your dog's focus on you in the face of distractions (such as seeing other dogs playing). This helps build a well-mannered adult dog less prone to behavior issues and helps your pup learn self-control.

Please arrive at Playgroup about 5-10 minutes prior to start time, with your dog, and bring his/her vaccination records and some high-value treats. 

Upon check-in, all puppy owners will sign a liability waiver acknowledging the potential risks associated with off-leash dog play, and accepting full responsibility for any injury to their own puppy or self. 

Frequency & Duration: Every Thursday, with a few exceptions.  See below for dates and times.

Fee: $10 per dog (please familiarize yourself with our cancellation and transfer policies prior to signing up)

Please familiarize yourself with our cancellation and transfer policies prior to signing up. Review the Dog Training Class Policies.



Puppies must be between 18 weeks and 6 months of age and have received at least their first 2 DHLPP (aka DHP) vaccinations. Proof of vaccination status is required at check-in! We recommend keeping copies in your car, or taking pictures of all vaccination records with your smartphone so they're always with you. Please bring a 4 foot leash, flat collar, and lots of motivating training treats for your pup!

Class capacity: 10 adolescent pups maximum. We ask that no more than two humans attend per dog - this includes kids.

Class dates/times:  Puppy Play Group is held on the first and third Thursday at 6:30pm  (1 hour of playtime)


  • Adolescent Puppy playgroups are held outdoors in our Green Play Yard.
  • Adolescent Puppy Playgroup spots are available by pre-registration. 

Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center group training classes are not meant for:

  • Dogs who have growled, snapped, or bit a person.
  • Dogs who have bitten other animals.
  • Dogs who exhibit aggression or other behavioral issues.
SIGN-UP TO HAVE YOUR PUP PLAY! - Puppy Playgroup is taking a "paws". Please check back for new class dates.